2018 The AGU JING meeting


会议名称:2018 The AGU JING meeting

The AGU JING meeting (AJM2018)





所在城市:陕西省 西安市

主办单位:美国地球物理联盟(AGU) 中国科学院(CAS) 中国地球物理联合会(CGU)

议题:Theme: Atmospheric PM2.5 in China: change, impact, mitigation and global perspective


联系人:Ms. Jiamao Zhou




The AGU JINGmeeting (AJM2018) about atmospheric PM2.5 begins on 16th October2018 and consists of a series of plenary sessions, regular sessions, and postersessions. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the meeting,gather to present your work, discuss new discoveries and problems, exchangeviews and develop plans for the future of PM2.5 and related scienceand technology. This not only benefits the specialists but it also increasespublic awareness and knowledge and its diverse applications to importantsocietal issues involving the environment, health, energy, materials and otherfacets of our life.


Major topics will include: · Fundamentals PM2.5 Physics andChemistry · instrumentation · PM2.5and climate change · PM2.5remote sensing techniques · PM2.5Metrology · Asian haze and dust storm · Atmospheric Brown clouds · Bio-PM2.5,biodefense, inactivation of bioagents · Indoor pollution control · Health and environment related PM2.5 · Medical and pharmaceutical applications · Nanomaterial synthesis · Nanoparticle and nano technology · Urban air pollution and source apportionment · And PM2.5 related topics