2nd Annual Congress on Environmental Pollution and Health


会议名称:2nd Annual Congress on Environmental Pollution and Health









Pollution and Health 2019, takes an immense pleasure to extend a warm welcome to invite all the participants across the world to attend our upcoming congress on 2nd Annual Congress on Environmental Pollution and Health during October 21-22, 2019 at Sydney, Australia. The deliberations for Pollution and Health 2019 will be on “Sustainable Environmental Practices for Reducing Global Pollution and related Health hazards”.

Pollution and Climate change is the present most serious problem in the world. Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization, our environment is getting polluted and in turn effecting the surrounding ecosystem. If this is not properly addressed soon, our future generations will be facing devastating results in the form of natural disasters that costs the lives and health on planet earth. So, with the prime motto to bring awareness in the common people, Pollution Control Conferences are being organised every year. As well it brings the world class environmental professionals and policy makers to frame strategic action plans and policies to control and cease the enormous release of pollutants into the environment. Pollution Control Conferences brings both the researchers and stakeholders on one platform to share and come with possible positive output. Pollution Control Conferences is the best platform for professional development and networking opportunities. It is the best opportunity for the young researchers to meet the world class Scientists and Environmental Professionals.

This Pollution Control Congress is an amalgam of invited keynote Lectures, Scientific Sessions, Poster presentations, Workshops related to current scenario, issues and future challenges associated with Pollution control and public health sector.


Track 1: Environmental Pollution

Track 2: Climate Change and Global Warming

Track 3: Ocean and Climate change

Track 4: Pollution Analysis

Track 5: Environmental Protection

Track 6: Pollution Ecology & Toxicology

Track 7: Human Impact on the Environment

Track 8: Environmental Sustainability and Development

Track 9: Pollution Solutions

Track 10: Recycling & Waste Management

Track 11: Bioenergy and Biofuels

Track 12: Risk assessment