Association of Clean Water Administrators--美国国家水污染控制管理者协会



  Founded in 1961, originally known as the Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators, the Association of Clean Water Administrators is a national, nonpartisan professional organization. Association members are the State, Interstate and Territorial officials who are responsible for the implementation of surface water protection programs throughout the nation.

  In addition to serving as a liaison among these officials, the Association facilitates their communication with the Federal government and promotes public education. Long before the enactment of the Clean Water Act, State and Interstate professionals were working to protect and improve water quality. They continue to lead the way in creating and realizing a vision for clean water in America.


  As the national voice of State and Interstate water programs, the Association Clean Water Administrators strives to protect and restore watersheds to achieve"clean water everywhere for everyone."The Association strives to maintain a vibrant national organization that:

  Serves membership needs and achieves a high level of participation.

  Is the national voice for State clean water program concerns, interests, and priorities.

  Facilitates technical and policy innovation among national and State water programs (best practices).

  Fosters the collaboration needed for sound public policy.

  Carries out activities in an efficient, ethical and fiscally sound manner.